Offer SEO to business

Business promotion is a necessary component of any enterprise. USP for you depends on the goals of the owner and the state of affairs within the enterprise. If your goal is to improve your business through internet marketing, I don’t think I can help you as an internet marketer. If your business is not meeting market needs, you need to improve your business, not your internet marketing. This concerns business processes, the quality of services provided, competitor analysis, prices, etc. But I can definitely help you in this matter as an experienced business owner. Trade marketing is also one of my areas of specialization. Cost of business promotion a business differs only in the time spent on it.

Offer for business without online

Some enterprises are still not represented or are poorly represented on the Internet. It can be a good offline business that has been on the market for a long time. Or maybe a newly created startup. 

Offer to business offline

In this case, I guarantee my participation in your business. Having rich experience as an owner, I can help create a digital shell of a business with a minimal budget.

Offer for business to check

I am open to help you validate your website for SEO, advertising campaigns, your brand position in public relations (PR), search engine reputation management (SERM), social media and other acquisition channels.

Offer to check

If you decide to put your marketing in order to get a complete picture of what comes from where, set up end-to-end analytics – write, call. I will tell you how much it will cost and how to do it in your case with minimal costs.

Promotion of online business

At this time, many enterprises have already formed that develop their products only on the Internet.

Продвижение в Телеграм

This applies to various types of software distributed as SAAS, application products that do not require offline presence. This also includes various types of information business, coaching, language training. A very popular business option now is the creation and promotion of channels and groups in Telegram, when monetization is carried out through advertising posts.

We also know how to promote all these options and successfully do it in our niches. We will be extremely useful to you if you need to find clients in Telegram groups – the technology of finding leads through a chat monitoring bot has every chance of becoming dominant in some niches.

Offer for a partners and teams

That offer for entrepreneurs who want to create a joint business in digital or offline.

Offer to team

I am an open contact for everything new and advanced 😉. It can be a digital marketing business or an offline business. I have some ideas especially for Georgia.

Internet marketing services

A brief analysis of the market for Internet marketing services in the context of “promotion of micro-enterprises”. The average temperature in the Internet marketing outsourcing market for micro-businesses (up to 15 employees) in the Russian-speaking sector (IMHO):

Uslugi SEO market for micro business in Batumi


In summary, there are categories of individuals/organizations offering micro-enterprise promotion services on a tight budget to increase customer touchpoints:

  • “Students” – young (sometimes not very) people after online courses, with burning eyes, who have “I can do anything!”; relatives or acquaintances of the business owner;
  • “Agencies 1” formed by “Student” after 1-2 years of work with one business or one niche;
  • “Agencies 10” with the name after 8-10 years in the market, which promoted many different small business topics;
  • “Part-time work” – persons with experience in “Agencies 10”, sometimes working in one place or looking for a similar job at home in similar promotion tops, moonlighting – in a word;
  • “People-brands” in the Russian-speaking sector of Internet promotion, deservedly having titles and regalia.

Microbusiness is sensitive to all spending. If the owner already understands what he wants from an organization that provides services to promote business on the Internet, that’s good. If this understanding is at the level – “I need more money”, pay attention to the pivot table and draw a conclusion with whom to work with yourself.

Internet Marketing Services in Batumi Georgia

Write, call, do not worry that you can name or formulate something incorrectly. I know small businesses from the inside and understand what you need, what you don’t need and where you can save.

Business promotion in Batumi

Promotion in Batumi has its own characteristics. Batumi is a resort city. Most small businesses operate seasonally. Online promotion of a beauty salon, a small cafe, a travel agency or event organizers solves the problem of attracting guests who are not familiar with the city.

Продвижение бизнеса в Батуми - SEO с опытом

The possibility of online ordering shortens the path of the client to purchase a service or product. Sometimes it is enough for organizations to competently advance in Local Business.

Batumi is now a construction city. Constant need for construction services. Wonderful country Georgia | Sakartvelo (Georgia – only for Russian-speakers) attracted and attracts now a large number of people who want to connect their lives with it. Among them there are many professionals not only in IT.

Ремонт Батуми - продвижение строительных услуг в Батуми

Promotion of services in Batumi

We will provide promotion of Batumi services:

  • renovation of apartments,
  • cleaning service,
  • services “husband for an hour” and “master for an hour”,
  • plumber,
  • door fitter,
  • an electrician,
  • installation of stretch ceilings,
  • computer repair,
  • window installation.

You can order advertising of these and other masters here. We have the experience and team to promote your small business in a short time and for little money.

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