Cost of business promotion

Продвижение бизнеса цена в Батуми

Cost of business promotion​ depends on the specific goals that its leader sets for himself. It is important that the owner clearly understands what it means to promote a business on the Internet. It will be wrong if he is convinced that the purpose of the ordered amount of marketing work will be to increase profits. Business is the quality and range of goods/services themselves, their competitive prices, quality of service and many other components. Digital marketing helps solve just one problem – increase the number of touch points with the desired target audience. Yes, this can increase profits if funds are allocated wisely for Internet promotion. But this will only happen when all other components of the business have competitive advantages for the buyer to decide to use your services.

Cost of business promotion in Batumi

Cost of business promotion in Batumi has its own specifics – especially in the conditions of modern migration and concerns not only business activity in Georgia. The experience and practice of owning your own business in many niches shows that there is no point in being a perfectionist and applying a universal approach – the more money for promotion, the better. Conversion into a buyer is important because business is about money 😉.

Website creation is one of the main points in promoting a business, so that they know about you and find you.
The cost of creating a website for a client depends on the topic, amount of content, goods, services, languages, GEO, etc. It is important that the customer has graphic material, descriptions and characteristics of goods and services available. All of this affects the amount of time it takes to create a website. It is important to understand that a website is not an inscription on a fence. The purpose of the site is for your target audience to find and choose you. Creation includes page optimization and creating a Google Maps profile.

To simplify, the cost of the site:

  • for a beauty salon with up to 10 pages it will cost $500
  • one-page website (not recommended) for one service – $200
  • websites for the provision of construction services with domains from $500 to $1000 per year – for a plumber, for a door master, for a handyman, for installation/maintenance of air conditioners, for finishing work otdelka .ge, for turnkey apartment renovation in Batumi
  • for a real estate agency with the possibility of paid placement by clients of their properties for rent/sale – from $1000

On-page SEO promotion is internal optimization of pages in order to increase their visibility in search engines. The indicated cost corresponds to the collection of the semantic core of the business, as well as filling with the necessary content and correcting no more than 10 pages of the existing site. It is important to understand that this type of promotion does not imply a 100% immediate effect. But it is the most inexpensive and reliable after a certain time.

SERM is, in simple terms, how consumers see and evaluate your business. Includes analysis of the current situation with reviews in organic search, social networks, initial correction and approval of a budget for improving reputation.

Local Business – in simple words – is a local business listed on Google, Bing, Yandex maps. Filling out a profile in cards has its own characteristics, which determine the visibility of a business and its ranking. The price of $100 includes optimized placement of one organization (IP) on Google and Yandex maps.

Link Building is work to increase the Domain Rating (DR) in order to improve the visibility of the site by keywords. This set of works is sometimes called external website optimization. The price of $200 includes the collection of the semantic core of the business, analysis of the existing link profile of the site, analysis of the closest competitors, as well as coordination of the budget for placing links on selected donor sites. The effect of the work is sometimes not immediately visible, but is a necessary condition for improving the ranking of the site.

SMM – Social Media Marketing, if deciphered. In ordinary words, this is social media marketing. Includes creating business profiles in Meta, TikTok, posting regular posts – usually the AIDA scheme. After the start of promotion, an analysis of the growth of subscribers and criteria is carried out in TR, AR, ER figures.

Targeted advertising is usually paid advertising on Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, tailored to the target audience according to various criteria. Includes creating ad campaigns and optimizing them. Assumes a separate budget for billing.

Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords) is contextual advertising that involves the creation of advertising campaigns (AC) of various types on the Google platform. This option is a quick way to get clients, but it requires an advertising budget for billing, which in certain GEOs and topics may not be economically profitable in terms of price per client. The specified minimum price of $200 for the creation and optimization of advertising campaigns includes the collection of business semantics and analysis of landing pages.

Promotion on Youtube is the placement of video materials on the Google site in order to increase the visibility and content of the business. The indicated cost includes the creation of a channel on Youtube according to the criteria necessary for proper ranking, as well as posting the agreed number of videos available to the customer for clips or shots.
Telegram promotion of groups and channels means increasing the visibility of a business in this messenger by growing subscribers and increasing the number of comments. The price indicated includes the creation of a group/channel and initial filling with subscribers.
Leads from Telegram are the easiest and cheapest option for getting clients at this time. This type of promotion is especially relevant for today’s expats who are scattered across different countries and grouped in Telegram communities. The specified price of $10 involves adding the customer to a Telegram group using a bot, which collects all requests from all Telegram chats in one GEO by keyword.

Promoting a business in all sources of contact with a client requires complete immersion in the client’s business. Includes analysis of the current situation, selection of the most effective options for a given business, creation and coordination of a marketing strategy, and work on its implementation.

Analyzing the visibility of an Internet business involves collecting a semantic core (SC), collecting information about existing errors and recommendations in all available sources, including an audit of running advertising. The indicated price assumes the availability (already configured services) and the ability to access advertising accounts Meta (Facebook, Instagram, Pixel), Google (Analytics, Search Console, Youtube, Business) or Yandex.

Training in promoting small businesses involves specifics on the desired topic and GEO, based on extensive practical experience in order to optimize costs. Based on the results of the training, a card will be created in Google Business (if necessary), a roadmap for obtaining leads (potential clients), the budget will be announced and options for reducing it will be proposed. A 10% discount is provided for further cooperation on all services. Training may take up to 2 hours. The information will be especially useful for those who have just begun independent work or a topic unfamiliar to them.

Telephone consultation on business promotion is free if you call by phone or in any instant messenger (up to 10 minutes). Call right now – we should all help each other, we are people living on the same Earth and at the same time 🙂.