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SEO with experience

One-man band in SEO​

SEO with experience is about me and my team. I am an enthusiast with 20 years of experience in promoting websites, products and services. All my life I have been successfully developing projects in the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus. As a rule, these were my offline businesses in different niches that needed to be digitized and promoted online. Thanks to my exceptional curiosity, the time spent studying the topic, the experience of using various tools and programs, my expertise has been formed and a lot of experience has been accumulated in the digitalization of any micro and small business. As clients say and real experience shows, without any doubt, I am a man-orchestra in practical marketing. Especially in the field of Internet marketing in conditions of low budgets, when any wrong steps / costs can lead to a decrease in the attractiveness of doing business for the owner.


I’ve been learning new things all my life. Internet started for me from browser Netscape Navigator and search engine Altavista. And with it i started learning ranking algorithms. Google came later. And won everyone.

Google Analytics sertificate

2015 – Yandex Direct, sertificate №29183, 

2018 – Google LLC, Google Ads, Sertificate Search Ads,

2019 – Google LLC, Google Ads,  Basis Google Ads,

2019 – Google LLC, Google Ads,  ID 28716086,

2022 – Google Analytics Individual Qualification, ID 11307470


I created as a webmaster my first site in 2001 year. With years of experience in creating and promotion websites I have mastered the skills of understanding client requirements according to the latest trends. I have worked with businesses from different niches so you can rely on me for yours. Most of my professional activity I promote the websites of my businesses. Therefore, I know how not to lose the advertising budget, money for SEO and promotion

What I do

For understanding to summarize how I can be useful to you – the main things I do


If you have small offline business i help you to make digital side for it. I creating sites for a long time on different cms - wordpress, joomla, bitrix, opencart and other


SEO website promotion - competitor audit, technical audit, usability audit, semantic core collection, internal and external optimization


Reputation management in search engines is an important part of brand promotion (Search Engine Reputation Management)

Link Building

Links from authoritative resources is still a necessary part of promotion, especially on Google.

Local Business

An equally important part of promotion is local promotion, SEO placement on maps


Promotion in social networks is one of the parts of Internet marketing, in some niches it is the main one

Google Ads

If the site is young or you need more customers, placing paid advertising on Google Ads is your opportunity to get new or return old customers

Ads in Social Media

Advertising on social networks will expand your audience with the ability to get quick feedback

Yandex Direct

Advertising in Yandex Direct will help expand your customer base - although this channel is now overheated

Promotion in Telegram

Business promotion in Telegram. Creation of channels, groups, content, optimization and promotion

Search for clients in Telegram

Search for clients in Telegram, target audience, leads in Telegram for your business

Creation of Telegram bots

Creating individual Telegram bots for individual needs and business needs

Semantic Core
Search Engine Optimization
Link Building, Outreach, Local Promotion
Google Ads, Yandex Direct and ads in social
Data Science

Beltelecom  RUTE

Сommunications engineer

I worked at a communication center providing Internet services


Alex Connect   INC


I had my own business with internet shops in other themes. I have made sites and their optimization.


 Many Projects LLCs

Digital Marketing

I participated in various projects to promote various businesses